LUCA Plus was seeded and founded by one of the Abachi founders and has a very strong commitment to the whole crypto space. LUCA Plus in Numbers: 1. 20-40 new small to medium businesses are onboarded on LUCA Plus each month, who are using Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks or the LUCA Plus invoicing solutions.

2. LUCA Plus integrated via API to these solutions has access to payables and receivables, but also live feeds. It uses this for account automation, invoice delivery and payment confirmations. It currently uses an in-house build federated quorum chain to provide on-chain audits.

LUCA Plus in News:

  1. EY Foundry & Incubation Here is a quick video of what the current experience looks like including why we think in-app experiences will take over and are the best way to onboard TradFi:

Below is a 3rd Party longer video featuring LUCA PLUS by MYOB & ATO

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