Abachi DOCS


The Abachi team is working hard behind the scenes to start putting in place policy, ux, partnerships, marketing and dev teams. Our research team is already in place. All of these positions other than a few core team members from day 1 will be filled from the community. Over the next couple of weeks, while the auction is running we will be rolling out nfts as part 1 of how the governance for the protocol works.
We are committed to move Abachi eventually into a legal DAO structure. Until a DAO is established, Abachi will be run under a for profit foundation and we will still utilise snapshot for governance decisions with transparency to the community.
There is no cost associated with these NFTs, and they are not dependent on any aABI holdings.
  1. 1.
    pABI OG & Seed roles will be invited first to register their addresses for our OG nfts. These are the first people to believe in us and join our team. We are still working on the mechanics of how much voting weight these will carry, but those will be discussed with policy teams and rolled out at a later date after the NFTs have been delivered. We plan to roll these out right after xmas. Proposed: Each NFT carries 4 votes. Non-transferable.
  2. 2.
    We owe a lot of gratitude to our OHM OG friends. Lots of them have reached out in many ways. Each person on the OG & OHMIE role will be dropped an NFT to show commitment and resolve towards growing OHM and trusting Abachi. These will be the second lot dropped once the auction has finished, we estimate around the last week of December. Proposed: Each NFT carries 2 votes. Non-transferable.
  3. 3.
    We will be asking our mods (who are all from within the community) to prepare a list of 250 most active and value add members of this discord. Each one of them will be dropped an NFT. The members that receive these nfts will also be air dropped OHM whenever our treasury needs to rebalance. Mods decision will be final, it will not be based on spamming, but based on how involved you are day in day out. We will decide on these members in the second week of january. Proposed: Each NFT carries 0.5 votes. Non-transferable.
  4. 4.
    Abachi OGs - every holder with an Abachi OG role that has not sold and then goes on to stake at launch their ABI, (we already have your wallet address) will be dropped an NFT that gives them an OG status. Fully transferrable and can be sold.
Want to be a part of the new teams? DM any of the core team, founders, mods.
While the greatest weight of governance is given to those who lock staked ABI for 2 years in a governance contract.