Abachi Treasury Use

Abachi will keep treasuries in different multi-sig safes and add signers from within the community who are well reputed and deeply vested in the project. Currently we plan on keeping on treasuries on gnosis safes. Abachi may at a future time decide to change the proposed use of these treasuries however these decisions will be made with snapshot voting with 100% community visibility. pABI Limited number of pABI tokens have been sold. These will provide a secondary treasury to bootstrap while the protocol is being launched and mechanics fine tuned. (read more). aABI All funds raised from the aABI sale will land into the main Abachi treasury. The treasury will be used as proposed below:

  1. 10% of the treasury will be allocated into an insurance funds which will buy insurance for the various core services and lending pools in use. This includes Nexus Mutual or real-world insurers. (This is in addition to the reserve shown in phase 1 of lending pools)

  2. 10% of the treasury will be allocated into a marketing & compliance fund. The core purpose of Abachi is to also educate and help with compliance for its products and services.

  3. 50% of the treasury is controlled by governance and paid back to stakers in the form of new ABI or via reduction of supply by buy backs and burns. This is also the pool used to incentive core services (see core services). Main treasury also performs the rebalance and provides minimum viable price when the overall price of ABI falls below RFV.

  4. 30% of the treasury is used to fund partnerships, acquisitions and projects that will help grow the Abachi core services. This includes any in-house projects.

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