Abachi follows the same staking structure as utilized by Olympus with some key differences. 1. Abachi has a maximum supply of 10 million.

2. Abachi does not have any intrinsic value, the value is derived from the utility of the token and the staking treasury works as a backup mechanism to ensue the token does not go below a price where its viable to use it.

3. Staking does not give any direct governance rights.

4. Stakers enjoy a passive return when ABI is burnt and removed from circulation.

5. Staking provides Abachi a mechanism to own its own liquidity without relying on others in the market to provide this. This discourages those who will pull liquidity out when rewards are low thus causing pool imbalance. Abachi core services rely on liquidity pools and will be able to generate on demand ones as needed. Liquidity

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