On-Ramp for Partners

Solving the on-ramp for partners without getting into depository issues is a problem we wish to solve. Below is a proposed approach, as we build this out it will be refined. There are also alternative approaches to this which we are exploring including completely API banking via neo / digital only banks. We are using FTX api as a reference here. We are in no way affiliated with FTX and we took this approach because:

  • The LUCA Plus team is currently working on integrating the FTX pay APIs for in app payments and crypto deposits. Instead of using a smart wallet, it uses the wallet generated on FTX. This is still in a proof of concept phase and we have also considered opennodes and coinbase merchant APIs.

  • The account segregation while using the FTX apis is much better.

  • FTX has KYC status updates on their API which we may be able to leverage.

  • On-chain (eth) deposits and withdrawals are cheapest.

However the below can also be accomplished by any other CEX or on-ramp e.g. Binance, Bitfinex etc.

To the end user this entire transaction will be denominated in ABI for any transaction fees or use of the protocol and the dollar value or crypto amounts they are using. All transactions land on the main abachi smart contract which then routed them appropriately and charges a small fee. (Think stripe or paypal but using a smart contract).

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