What is Abachi Core

Abachi Core is the fundamental infrastructure and set of tools / SDKs that will enable traditional finance apps & services to interact with Abachi's DeFi tech. Some key components of Abachi Core are

  • Fund / Build a multi-chain wallet which can be used via an SDK for partners, the wallet should enable recovery for real-world users and partners that are using the SDK to provide these services. (learn more)

  • Launch (accredited & non-accredited) stable coin pools incentivized by ABI with the highest yields possible in the market. (learn more)

  • Provide the middleware services to partners that can onboard real world users. e.g. Luca Plus, which has already completed the KYC & AML for them, and can tap into a shared pool of accredited lenders and borrowers. This again increases as more partners onboard as all of them can share the same pool. (learn more)

  • Tokenize these pools and offer more complex markets with various yields from TradFi. E.g. Junk Bonds, Junk Credit pools. These would then become CDOs offered on-chain to an accredited market of buyers and sellers. (learn more).

  • Tokenize accreditation, entity risks (credit scores) and KYC requirements so they can carry across when using shared pools. (learn more)

  • Launch markets for rated credit instruments (e.g. CDOs), launch markets for on-chain currency swaps, launch markets for physical asset based lending. (learn more)

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