Lending Pools

One of the major aims of Abachi is to be able to launch lending pools which can be shared across accredited lenders and borrowers.

For high yield lending, we are currently funding 10k towards a strategy to use rebases as yields while fully hedged. You can learn more and join it here: https://wagmi.ink

Some more info on the funding here via Asfi's tweet: https://twitter.com/ishaheen10/status/1466236200528723973?s=20 Proposed Lending Pools

The initial structure of the lending pools is very similar to the three pool architecture in use today.

Phase 1:

In the first phase Abachi will launch Stable Earn pools incentivized by ABI tokens. To increase the earning potential the lenders will need to acquire the tokens and boost their earnings by locking them (very similar to e.g. curve).

The stable pools are then divided into three distinct sub-pools:

  1. Accredited pools (on-demand, centralised)

  2. Decentralised pools

  3. Reserve & insurance pools

Accredited / Permissioned pools

For a borrower or lender to be able to use an accredited pool, they must have been previously verified as an accredited lender or borrower. This is done via a tokenized credentialing system which is tied to their wallets. The lender or borrower will be able to generate this without having to do anything as our front-end partners will power this via a simple click to register the wallet. See credentialing for more details.

In future phases we will slowly offer sub-pools inside the accredited pools. We hope to be able to launch pools yielding different yields. A web front-end app will be provided to lenders in the start, but eventually most of this logic will be abstracted via SDKs available for partners to use and integrate into their own apps.

The use of these pools and transactions will require small amounts of ABI charged via the SDK. We may see implementations use these pool outside the ABI ecosystem also. The structure is being built for this, however initially we propose: 1. 1000 ABI is needed to stake per pool. 2. The staked ABI does not get any staking rewards and will be used to incentivize the pool. It will be paid back to the users of this pool.

Each transaction on the pool will be paid using ABI. We propose a 0.03% fee per transaction to start, however as the protocol is built and used, this may change.

Decentralised pools (permissioned):

For example aave arc and any other decentralised options where the lenders can earn a stable yield, no accreditation is required. Abachi will provide a simple SDK for front-end apps to call and integrate directly with platforms such as Aave as part of its core services offered.

Decentralised pools will charge 0.01% per transaction in ABI fees.

Reserve & Insurance pools:

Abachi will move some of the earned yields automatically into a reserve / insurance pool. This will be used to invest into decentralised insurance products e.g. Nexus Mutual that add to the protocol security. ABI is used to buy insurance for the protocols as this is a core requirement for the core services to function.

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