Abachi DOCS

Staking rewards

Abachi will launch with OIP-18 parameters, however some things to keep in mind. ABI supply has two components. Total Supply: (Max Supply - Burned Supply) This is the total amount of tokens already minted minus those burnt. Max Supply: 10,000,000 - this is the maximum mintable tokens by the contract.
Currently the staking reward structure we are working with is the following. NOTE: Staking decisions and rewards are controlled by the Policy Team and may change in future.
In an ideal world, where ABI finds widespread utility, we expect the system to reach an equilibrium between burnt and staked tokens. The governance may also in the future vote to ensure that once 10,000,000 is reached, no more tokens can be minted. Currently 10,000,000 is the max mint cap. Once the max mint is reached, no more staking rewards will be offered by the protocol and essentially all staking ends. ABI will at that point become deflationary. Any more supply needed for incentives or any changes to this proposal will require policy and development teams to vote on.